Dear Customers,

SOMETHING´S GOING ON. It is too early to give the all-clear. But we have all behaved remarkably and admirably up to this point and seem to be on the right track to avoid the impending health catastrophe. On remote or in home office, we have learned to work and communicate in a completely new way. That was really exhausting at times. But at the same time, we reinvented ourselves and got to know each other in a whole different way. The world after Corona will no longer be the world before Corona. Digitization is becoming the new 'normal,' even if things are not yet running smoothly. What is certain is that by summer/autumn 2021 at the latest, there will again be many opportunities to be able to live 'together' physically again. And it is also certain that the need for this will be enormous: Getting closer again, feeling connectedness, taking a deep breath or simply letting off steam together. You can experience all this intensively at one of our rousing drum events. Celebrate the 'AGAIN TOGETHER' with your colleagues, employees, teams and your company in a unique way and secure your Social Reconnecting Event under 'FINALLY AGAIN TOGETHER' already now.


We are looking forward to seeing you !


Kind regards,


Helge Rosenbaum





"100 % Motivation"

Stephan Engels, CFO, Commerzbank AG

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