FAQ: Good to know

What are the advantages of teamdrumming?

  • teamdrumming is an independent, and therefore unique interactive concept that combines first-class entertainment with sustainable impulses.
  • It develops personal, team and leadership skills in equal measure.
  • teamdrumming events can be held in your company or at a location of your choice.
  • teamdrumming can be integrated into other event forms.
  • teamdrumming is flexible in terms of time.
  • teamdrumming can be completely adapted to the content objectives of your event.
  • We offer professional handling of all event-relevant processes.


At which occasions is teamdrumming useful?

  • The application possibilities are limitless - here more about teamdrumming events.
  • teamdrumming is an extremely flexible tool that can be individually adapted to your event and your special wishes in terms of content, time and space.
  • teamdrumming is ideal for groups of different nationalities, as possible language barriers do not play a role.
  • Talk to us. We advise you individually.


What is the minimum number of participants for teamdrumming, is there a lower/upper limit?

  • We offer motivating workshops and keyword seminars from three persons up to spectacular large-scale events with almost unlimited numbers of participants.
  • teamdrumming team development and executive training should enable individual work, optimal for groups of up to 100 people.

Is teamdrumming offered throughout Germany and beyond?

  • Yes! teamdrumming is currently in use throughout Germany, Switzerland, Austria and around europe.
  • We get where you need us.

What are the costs of a teamdrumming event?

  • We design each teamdrumming event individually. For this reason, we prepare our offer after a personal, telephone conversation in which we discuss your special wishes and ideas. You will then receive your tailor-made offer.


In which languages is teamdrumming offered?

  • German and English.


In which locations can teamdrumming be carried out?

  • There are no real restrictions here either.
  • Hotel and restaurant organisers are now also prepared for events that generate noise. It should only be announced in advance. Rooms with very strong hall development should only be used if there is no other way.
  • The room should not be calculated too tightly: As a rule, we assume 2 persons per 1.5 sqm.
  • For an optimal process we prefer an open space for the participants.
  • But teamdrumming can also be carried out in completely tabled and seated rooms.
  • teamdrumming events are also possible outdoors.
  • We are at your side to advise you in the search for a suitable location.


Which instruments does teamdrumming use?

  • We use the instruments of the so-called "Baterias", the large Brazilian drum orchestras.
  • On request we also use African hand drums, body percussion or boomwhakers.


Are the instruments provided?

  • Yes, we provide all the instruments required for the event.


Are previous musical knowledge or drum experience required?

  • No. The teamdrumming concept is consciously based on the "non-knowledge" of the participants.


Do I need hearing protection?

  • teamdrumming events are of course associated with volume.
  • As a rule, however, hearing protection is not necessary.
  • Since the sensitivity to noise varies from person to person, we provide sufficient hearing protection at every event. 


If you have any further questions or requests, we look forward to hearing from you!