Events according to your goals

teamdrumming makes sure that your issues are anchored in your staffs mind in a playful and sustainable way. To maximise this impact, we offer additional services around our events.

We support you with the integration of your teamdrumming events into your overall event, for example by integrating the motto of your event into our program, by developing a connective and recognisable song or by providing a special impulse with a special thank you.

For this purpose we work with different instruments and meaningful Give-aways for your participants handed over at the end of the event or via mail later on. How about our „egg shaker“ made from aluminum or your drum sticks, which can be personalised with your company logo?

Or would you like to capture your event in Moving Pictures We will be happy to help you here too.

Additionally we would like to recommend our Partner Locations all over Germany, with which we have made very good experiences.

We are looking forward to inspiring you!