Themed Events/Case Studies

What do you want to drum for?

"Teamdrumming is a great way to get a topic out of your head and into your emotions and thus into practice. Our participants have created something great out of something unusual at first. Thank you very much!“

Thomas Bischof, Chairman of the board, Württembergische Versicherung AG


"A great tool to maintain team spirit!“

Hartmut Armbrust, Manager Product Support, John Deere


We are convinced that almost any topic relevant to your company can be communicated more intensively and sustainably with our workshops than with a PowerPoint presentation. Concrete content is important, no question. But the best way to understand basic principles is to combine them with a personal emotional experience.

Some examples from our numerous events:

Culture and mission statement

At an automobile manufacturer, we used analogy music to transfer the most important values to the 50-strong IT management team, making them tangible. Due to the great success, the employee event with 500 participants on the topic of corporate culture was concluded with an emotional teamdrumming event. The event was opened by a drum orchestra of the upper management!

Topic Agility

With our concept of system improvisation, we supported a strategy workshop to design more flexible structures through project-dependent clustering of the individual units. We simply illustrated how clusters work in music and musical collaborations.

Topic Complexity

In an intensive management workshop with eight participants, we playfully demonstrated that improvisation and intuition have always played a major role in music and that in times of change they are increasingly relevant for extra-musical undertakings as well.

Topic Industry 4.0

We translated the topic of networked processes into the context of musical cooperation. The 120 participants were trained simultaneously in four different instrument groups by four trainers at different locations and then brought together to form a team. As a result The individual process steps could be experienced in a playful way using the analogy of music.

Topic Supply Chain

Representatives of suppliers of a mechanical engineering company met for the Plant Management Meeting in Italy. The aim was to realize the "silo thinking" of the individual companies and to set an impulse as to how processes can be made smoother and thought through more holistically. The focus of our event was the "common pulse" as the connecting constant. teamdrumming also moderated the following discussion, in which a common guiding principle was developed.

Topic Product Launch

Employees drumming on the products? Of course, because it gives them a completely new perspective on the things they deal with in their daily work. And at an event with customers, the product is presented in a highly appealing and effective way.

Which central topic does your company deal with? We will be happy to advise you on suitable modules - from impulse workshops to workshop series, almost anything is possible. Benefit from our rich experience and expertise!