Robert Bosch AG

Martin Merchant, Head of Global Business Unit Measuring Tools

"It was really inspiring!"

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Densply Sirona





Great fun!

"We flew Helge Rosenbaum from Stuttgart to Berlin. Why? Because it was more than worth it! With joy, motivation and a lot of talent, Helge was able to form a vivid and interesting orchestra out of our terrible noise in 2.5 hours, with which we would have easily dared to go out into the streets and made money. Great fun! Book absolutely!"

Württembergische Insurance AG

Thomas Bischof, Chairman of the board

Great way!

"The teamdrumming was the end of an exciting day and should be motivating: If we face the challenges together, we will be successful in the future. The initial scepticism of the participants was quickly resolved: Thanks to Helge Rosenbaum, the participants quickly channelled their energy and found the common rhythm. Teamdrumming is a great way to get a topic out of your head and into your emotions, and to put it into practice. Our participants created something great out of something unusual at first. Thank you very much, Helge Rosenbaum!"

Webasto Group


All-round successful event!

"I would like to thank you once again for realizing this workshop with us. It was an all-round successful event with a lot of fun and yet also profound knowledge on the subject of teamwork, cooperation and effect!"



Harald Biederbick, CEO

„Thank you very much for the great action today. I'm curious how it will resonate with us..."

Mercedes-Benz Cars


100 % Motivation!

"Under the stirring, dynamic and motivating guidance of Helge Rosenbaum, the entire 130-strong team from all over the world "drummed themselves in" for the day, transforming themselves within a very short time from a reserved, often sceptical single player to a full-sounding orchestra. The feedback of the participants showed that the "Groove" was right - 100 percent motivation factor! All in all, it can be said that such a musical introduction is highly recommended and we will gladly fall back on it again."

marbet Marion & Bettina Würth GmbH & Co. KG



"Great communication, great handling, great idea for a teambuilding - gladly again with a suitable inquiry!"

Grundeigentümer Versicherung

Tobias Behrens, Department Head, Information technology

Humor and charisma

"We had a lot of fun, a lot of knowledge that can be transferred to the daily work in a team and it was amazing how far we got step by step within 2 hours under Helge's humorous and charismatic style!"

Daimler AG

Christian Kimelman, Executive Assistant to the Board Member FC / Financial Services

In other words ‚good vibrations‘

"Helge Rosenbaum's drumming event on the occasion of our Global Finance Meeting was a lot of fun. The approximately 100 international participants were then motivated, felt like a team and the good atmosphere was contagious. In other words `good vibrations`".

Commerzbank AG

Stephan Engels, CFO

Thank you so much for this musical and logistical peak performance!

"Mr. Rosenbaum has succeeded in transforming around 600 individual players into a team that is coordinated, motivated and rousing. The teamdrumming will surely be remembered by the colleagues. Thank you very much for this musicalal and logistical peak performance!"

Hewlett Packard GmbH

Diana Coso, Director HP Technology Services EMEA

An excellent team-building excercise

"The teamdrumming event was an excellent teambuilding measure. Both individual performance and uncompromising team integrity are required. This is an excellent exercise that encourages self-reflection and at the same time teaches in a playful way that both skills are necessary for a good result. During the exercise Helge Rosenbaum transfers a lot of competence, fun, patience and makes it a very successful experience with wit and humour."

Step Kids Kitas gGmbH

Justine Gopon

Ingenious musical cooperation.

"Yesterday we had a teamdrumming event in Luisenthal, organized by our management.I have to admit that I was a bit sceptical at the beginning, because I am anything but musical myself. But it is simply amazing how 120 colleagues within 2 hours enter such an ingenious musical cooperation. In the end I was more than enthusiastic about the result! Agogôs become my new favourite instrument! :) Thank you very much for this experience!"

Robert Bosch GmbH

Dr. Jürgen Nickles

We have this evening very vividly in memory and gladly unpack the experience again and again.

"With about 40 colleagues and their partners, we stood in a relaxed circle and waited for the things to come. When the line-up for the first round of drumming started on time, the tension rose. The initial scepticism and shyness quickly gave way to a very dynamic mood and quiet drum stroking a powerful bass... When you handed over the leadership of the colourful group of drummers to our group leader for the second round, the mood was boiling. Unbelievable for all of us how easy it is to play together so quickly with rhythm, harmony and variety. We have this evening very vividly in memory and gladly unpack the experience again and again. This positive team spirit has also taken root in everyday office life - and we would love to hear more about it! Many thanks again from me and my colleagues."

T-Systems Enterprise Services GmbH

Frank Gaßner, Vice President Automotive SI Sales

You could tell from the light in their eyes how much fun they had.

"It was a kick-off event of a T-Systems unit, (...) which was restructured and included about 200 employees (approx. 170 participants)... The teamdrumming was therefore an ideal measure that was great fun for everyone. Many of the people had no instruments in their hands since kindergarten and you could see how much fun they had with the lights in their eyes...".

T-Systems Enterprise Services GmbH

Manfred Detzel, Head of Application Service Center DMS

The slightly different kind of common mode.

"The event "ASC in unison" ...was a complete success. The common teamdrumming brought the employees of different teams closer together. The feedback of the colleagues was very positive, the teamdrumming was fun for all of them with a memorable character. Many thanks to you and your team for the slightly different way of synchronizing."

T-Systems Enterprise Services GmbH

Rita Lietzke, Management Security Services & Solutions

A successful event and a nice team measure, which is highly recommendable for every business or company.

"The initial shyness and slight scepticism quickly gave way to a dynamic and relaxed atmosphere. Quickly a we-feeling developed, because by the own achievement and the integrity in the team fast and alive rhythms developed. Due to the patient and convincing mediation of the teamdrumming team, it was a successful event and a beautiful team measure, which is highly recommendable for every company,"


Dr. Stefan Girschik / COO

Far more efficient and effective than many manager and team seminars.

"In one afternoon, excellent team building is carried out with the simplest musical means - far more efficiently and effectively than many manager and team seminars. Goal clearly exceeded! The special esprit of the team around Helge Rosenbaum is the guarantor of success."


N.N., Management

Very good concept!

"The event was very well received - very sympathetic leader with very good concept... the evening and afterwards there was a very good atmosphere in the team.
 It was a lot of fun!."

ProSiebenSat.1 Media AG

Bettina Hörmann, Head of Human Resources Training

Encounter on a completely different level!

"With your inviting and humorous manner, you have managed to build up immediate trust in the group. Supposedly unmusical colleagues quickly removed their blockades and were carried away by your charisma. Together we plunged into the power of music...which was emotional, gave joy, created moments of happiness and gave us all the chance to meet on a completely different level...THANK YOU for that!“.

John Deere

Distribution, Bruchsal

Exceptional team event!

"During a meeting of the field and office staff of John Deere Sales, we experienced an extraordinary team event under Helge Rosenbaum's stirring direction. Equipped with various drum instruments, we discovered the musical vein in us at South American rhythms. All in all a great teambuilding experience!“

John Deere

Hartmut Armbrust, Manager Product Support

Great tool!

"After three days of ZDF (numbers, data, facts) the crowning finale was teamdrumming. The huge advantage is the active involvement of the participants, which now leads to remembering these three days again and again.....and of course the contents of the meeting. A great tool to maintain team spirit."

Continental Reifen Deutschland

Matthias Metzger, HR Director Services

Real highlight!

"A real highlight of our guided tour day - forming a big combo with more than 130 people with different instruments under the excellent guidance of Helge Rosenbaum and his team, all enthusiastically and clearly contributed to the success...It was really great!"

Uni Credit Direct Services GmbH

Georg Held, Development and Change Manager

A real recommendation!

"After a hard and informative working day, teamdrumming organized the evening event for our management team of almost 60 men and women. And it could hardly fit better. Under skillful guidance...the collected crew drummed into the instruments within a very short time - hardly imaginable: a truly communal rhythm. This rhythm was subsequently varied, until finally not only the ears trembled, but everyone danced in communal samba movements, taking up the whole room. And everyone, gifted as well as less musical, played the drums brilliantly, which was reflected on joyful faces and in the most exuberant mood.

Many thanks to teamdrumming. Getting out of your head after an exhausting day, getting moving together and developing a feeling of togetherness in a very simple way - with teamdrumming it's perfectly possible. A real recommendation!"

Bayer Business Services GmbH

Alexander Meyer auf der Heyde, Global Head of Business Consulting

Crowning finale!

"At the end of a two-day workshop, the teamdrumming was the crowning finale: under the great direction of Helge Rosenbaum, around 150 international colleagues found the common rhythm and replenished their energy for the upcoming tasks. It didn't matter at all that many did not play an instrument at all, it worked excellently with the aroused enthusiasm for the common rhythm. A great event. Thank you very much."

Ferrero Deutschland

Frauke Hofsommer, Marketing-Workshop

Inspiring and fun!

"The teamdrumming event with Helge Rosenbaum was a complete success, almost to the point of exhaustion he inspired us with different rhythms and showed us how it works with orchestrated cooperation. It was inspiring and fun!“

Leica Biosystems

Cecilia Ljungvall, Global Organisation Development Director

Really meaningful!

"I was afraid that the team would think that it was not really teambuilding, however I could not have been more wrong. They all loved it and it was a good end of our day. The drumming made us move, engage, focus, concentrate - and laugh! And it helped us re-focus for the rest of the meeting. They all said that you were very cool and I think your experience and personality helped in making this a great event!
 Thank you again for your help and for making our session really meaningful and fun."

-Workshop Global Leadership Team-

Volksbanken Westallgäu

Jörg Wilken, Head of human resources


"The result was gigantic! Nearly 150 employees of our bank were able to feel a sense of group spirit that otherwise would hardly have been possible. I'm sure that there wasn't a musician who didn't get involved and who wasn't gripped by the common rhythm. And that independent of the individual's musical sense and sense of rhythm. Your likeable, relaxed, funny way of introducing people to your music plays a big part in this. Have you succeeded in inspiring people? The question hardly arises!“

Ciba Vision

Linda Merkenthaler

Extraordinary experience!

"Top atmosphere and an extraordinary experience, which unfortunately can never be repeated alone. Fascinating, how fast such a large team (85 people) under skillful and sympathetic guidance takes the next obstacle Thank you for the great experience!“

Welcome Hotels GmbH

Carsten Kritz, Managing director

Lasting impression!

"Dear Mr. Rosenbaum, thank you very much for your outstanding support at our team seminar...teamdrumming was the absolute highlight of the day for all of us. Through your open and motivating nature and your professional coaching you have left a lasting impression. We still had the Brazilian rhythm in our ears for days. But not only the fun factor has to be highly valued, but also the effect of the teamdrumming. Every employee has become aware once again that he is not just a soloist, but part of a whole that only functions properly if everyone plays in the same rhythm. Our employees were delighted and we can only recommend your events to anyone who wants to increase the team spirit within the company".


Elmar Kuther

Cool and entertaining!

„A cool, entertaining team event that shows in a fascinating way how to achieve a great group result with orderly structures and responsibilities, clear hierarchies and instructions. In our case a colourful mixed group with different musical knowledge was able to play a simple but groovy Samba rhythm in the end, which made everyone feel extremely good! Great experience, recommendable, lots of fun and good mood, always happy again!"

Vifor Pharma Ltd.

Marlyse Gander, Global Brand Team Leader

"Thanks again for the samba exercise last night. The colleagues are very enthusiastic and even talk about forming a Ferinject orchestra!“

Doubleview AG

Norbert Lanter

"Ihre Drumming Session am Management Workshop der Swisscanto war ein voller Erfolg! Haben Sie vielen Dank dafür. Die Art, wie Sie die Gruppe geführt haben, war sehr professionell, souverän und sympathisch. Besonders gut hat mir gefallen, wie Sie die relevanten Themen, die bis zum Drumming durch die Gruppe schon bearbeitet wurden (und die wir im Briefing besprochen hatten), in Ihre Arbeit eingeflochten haben. Das wirkt für die Teilnehmer wie aus einem Guss (...)."


Ralph Martens, Administrative Director

Great professionalism and enthusiasm!

"The teamdrumming activity with Helge Rosenbaum was planned right in the middle of a rather intense working schedule. It was a surprise and some participants were initially shocked at the sight of the “djembe” awaiting them around a circle. Helge, though, with great professionalism, enthusiasm and well-pitched persistence helped everybody relax, feel involved and enjoy themselves independently of their previous knowledge of music or their “passion” with drumming as well as their standing in the organisation. It put a big smile on everybody’s face (as proven by photos taken!) and brought us closer as a team."


Dr. Michael Casser, Member of the Board of Directors

Recommendation withot exception!

"All participants were very positively surprised and everyone enjoyed it very much. It was very extraordinary and remarkable how fast and well we played together under your great leadership. On behalf of the participants and our board of directors, many thanks for this unique experience We can recommend this event without exception!“


Sabine Thüler, Head of Marketing

Dynamism, fun, joie de vivre!

"The teamdrumming was an ideal connection to the daily program - after a strenuous and top-heavy day some exercise. It quickly became clear who had been playing drums in their spare time. Some more, others less. But under the professional direction of teamdrumming, even the reserved and rather sceptical participants were quickly brought on board. And so all 40 members of the squad swung their hips, drummed, laughed and danced. Dynamism, fun, joie de vivre ...I can only recommend teamdrumming to others."

think Projekt!

Catherine Bruha, Corperate communication and marketing


"It was great, how you have moved everyone to take part with your relaxed and nevertheless so professional kind - thank you very much!"

Johnson Controls

Sandra Weigel, Head of Program Management Academy, Director Program Management, Central PMO

Great metaphorical transfer!

"It's true that we all enjoyed it very much and that the event was a welcome end to our long workshop day. All global Program Management Heads were represented in our workshop - an international round, therefore, who as Program Managers always take care of the reviews of the (team) projects in a regular cycle/ "drumbeat". The Drumming Event was a great metaphorical transfer of our daily work: Johnson Controls Samba Bateria - Program Management Drumbeat in Action."

Meyle+Müller GmbH


Incredible amount of fun!

"Our 35-person team had an incredible amount of fun with teamdrumming. The team was led by a Helge Rosenbaum, who was always in a good mood and ready for jokes. Within 2 hours he drove the team to top performance. All around it was a great experience for the team, which left its own feel-good zone with the help of the music and therefore got to know new action competences, especially in teamwork. The organisation and handling of the event was also trouble-free.“


tandem BTL

JUDITH STREIBEL, Facility Management


"Everyone liked it very, very much! When the colleagues speak to me about the event the enthusiasm can be seen! It was great, great, great! You have also absolutely met the „topic" with your remarks and that’s exactly how I imagined it! I thank you for this great day, maybe we will see each other again to such a great show!"