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teamdrumming emotionalizes processes

What do we drum for? For the enthusiasm, for the sense of togetherness, for the WOW-effect. But that's not all. Our workshops, events, lectures and training sessions for teams and managers make even complex topics and interrelationships emotionally tangible - and therefore easy to realise. Through one's own participation, strong inner images are created that anchor what has been learned in the long term.

Because a teamdrumming event is something you won't forget. With us every single participant becomes an event. Within a very short time we transform managers and employees into complete drum orchestras. And thus create the basis for a strong, sustainable and successful cooperation, conveying valuable skills or important company content.

The rhythm of teamdrumming inspires and sweeps everyone along - whether in large, medium-sized or small companies and organisations, whether as an emotional highlight of a conference, as an impulse generator in team building or as a core event in a change process. With the help of the music metaphor, people leave their familiar context. The change of perspective opens the view, creates space for reflection and for acquiring new competencies.

teamdrumming opens up new ways to transfer knowledge. With events that are fun and therefore have a lasting effect and help you to move forward. With individual formats, which are developed exactly for your goals, wishes and needs.