Music - more than beautiful sound

„What a great show in all respects! You have an amazing concept at the start and of course it fits perfectly into the current industrial age - congratulations!"

(Foto: Martin Naujocks, CC BY-NC-ND)

We strongly believe that with the ideas, concepts and principles of music we can contribute to the sustainable improvement of people, systems and cooperation.

teamdrumming was designed to make the effects of a successful musical collaboration usable also for non-musical enterprises. Hardly any other system is as dependent on the interaction of its participants as an orchestra or a music ensemble. In order to achieve a high-quality result, a respectful and trusting cooperation is of great importance. Because this approach has a very direct effect and it’s clearly audible.

What are the factors of a successful teamwork?

Making music together is a highly communicative, creative and stimulating process. We have developed a very efficient method to bing across a strong and lively sense of unity to people on the basis of drums and rhythm in a creative process, to bring them together to form an efficient, self-confident unit or to make it possible for managers to experience a leadership style that promotes teamwork. In addition, the most diverse structural mechanisms within a process can be observed, represented and changed through drumming in the group.

Further development through music

Our work is designed to bring people into contact with their emotions and their minds through their experiences, to improve their actions and to give them the necessary impulses in a world of ever faster and more complex changes to be able to deal with them better. Our mission is the further development through fun and emotion, through new experiences and thinking, in short - through music.