Master Of The Beat

Hi, I am Helge Rosenbaum and I love music.

From the moment it entered my life in the form of a large black piano until today, music has accompanied me intensively: first as a drummer, professional musician, qualified instrumental teacher, textbook author and for many years also as a speaker, trainer and edutainer in countless events and workshops for national and international organisations and companies. Music is the heart of what I do.

What drives me is a simple but fundamental insight and conviction: The ideas, concepts and principles of music are of enormous relevance to all of us, because they can change the things that really affect us for the better. And that goes far beyond the beautiful sound.

And I have come to another conviction in my work with thousands of people: experiencing and emotions are the key and driving force for development and change. That's why all our events and workshops are in the area of tension "Experience - Feel - Think - Act". And you can see this in our performances at every moment: those who have experienced teamdrumming, describe it as passionate, charming, humorous and thoughtful.

My intention is to accompany people, teams and organisations in times of change with the unique ideas of music. I don't want to turn them into musicians. I want to share my knowledge with them so that they can look at things that are important to them from different angles, recognize, understand and solve problems that affect them better.

I'm looking forward to working with people who understand that new times require new skills - and new ways of communicating them. People who are open, courageous and willing to break new ground.

If you are one of them, let us speak.